You are amazing and everyone should know that

You are amazing

You are amazing and everyone should know that

You are amazing and everyone should know that. The only reason they don’t know your amazing is because you aren’t telling the world that you are.

It’s a very British trait to not want to shout about your accomplishments, it’s also not our best quality. So how do you shout about it whilst still maintaining your British Modesty? One easy way is with posting customer success stories on your website.

It can be hard work to write success stories, with many falling into the trap of too many or too few words. Some good benchmarks for success stories are:

  • Keep the language simple
  • Explain any technical terms used
  • Don’t excess 500 words
  • Include pictures
Interesting picture used to break up the text of the blog

A picture can speak a thousand words, hopefully all of them being ‘I AM AMAZING’ shouty capitals and all. They also help to break up your blog so it’s easier to read, most people aren’t keen on long reads and only want the top level highlights rather than the in-depth review.

Another help way way for those not yet ready to add in success stories is testimonials.┬áTestimonials about your high quality work are a good start, these can be as simple as a couple of lines of text in a section on your homepage or as complex and arty as you like. The important thing is to get testimonials on your site. Consumers trust testimonials and reviews more than standard marketing material because it’s been written for them by them.

An example of a testimonial on a homepage.

Interested in shouting about how amazing you are? Looking for a collaborative team to help you get started? Contact us with your idea and we’ll start on an adventure together.