About Us

Linked Entity Limited was founded in early 2016 by three like-minded individuals, brought together by a shared love of software, technology and user friendly design.

Our aim is to use the latest open source technology to make the complex simple.

We do this by delivering intuitive, friendly apps and websites to create the best user experience, regardless of device, be it desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Meet the Team

The One Who Makes It Look PrettyTh

Front End Developer / Designer

In the early days of my career I started out building Flash advertisements, animations and basic websites for various clients in the entertainment industry. I then moved myself into creating bespoke clean websites using a variety of HTML/5, CSS/3 JavaScript and JQuery for various clients in varying industries. I take great pride in what I do and have a very keen eye for detail. Our goal is to design and build the best user experience while keeping the product current and free from clutter.

Special Skills: Design, HTML/5, CSS/3, JavaScript and JQuery

The One Who Does The Lot

Full Stack Developer / Designer

I’ve been in the web industry for over 10 years now, starting out on 3 paged brochure sites all the way up to database driven applications. More recently I have created iPhone, Android and Windows Phone applications for an array of different companies, to not only enhance their brand but also by allowing their customers to use their products and services in a smart and fresh way. I thrive on creating the best solution for clients and by working with two like minded individuals, this allows me and Linked Entity to do this – we are your dream team!

Special Skills: Angularjs, Nodejs, JavaScript, JQuery, HTML/5, CSS/3, Cordova & Ionic

The One Who Makes It Work

Backend Developer / Systems Architect

I have been developing software for over 13 years, I’ve implemented systems that are used by two people all the way up to systems used by thousands of people daily. Some of the industries I have developed software for include logistics, retail, networking, sales generation, finance, civil engineering, architecture among others. I have always had a need to know how things work and developing software means I get to solve problems and create something new on a daily basis. I’m always looking for a new challenge to apply my knowledge and skills to and enjoy see a project through from start to finish.

Special Skills: Nodejs, Javascript, C#, MongoDb, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Linux, Nginx, Apache, IIS Ansible, System Architecture.

Account Manager / Copy Writer

I have been working in website and software development since graduating from University in 2013. Working on everything from small websites to large-scale software products used by multinational companies has helped me develop my skills as an account manager that can help businesses from any area. I’m always looking for a new challenge and love applying my skills to helping companies develop their web presence and software.


Special Skills: Project Management, Copy Writing