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Hooray! Our new site is here.

The crowd goes wild That’s the beauty of being developers: you can refresh the look and feel of your website without paying someone else to do it.   Unfortunately, we also don’t get paid for updating our own site. All we get is the coffee we drink while working on it, which [...]

Hooray! Our new site is here. 2018-08-26T04:37:16+01:00

You are amazing!

You are amazing! (Yes, you.) It’s very British not to shout about your accomplishments. We get it. But you are amazing and everyone should know it. How do you show that you’re great while maintaining your British modesty? One easy way is to post customer success stories on your website. Here are [...]

You are amazing! 2018-08-26T04:38:18+01:00

Website design?

What does good design look like? Website design is often overcomplicated. While it is tricky, that’s mostly because it can be subjective. Design principles always apply. You just need to determine what design aspects are most relevant for your business. So how do you do that? Know your competitors One of [...]

Website design? 2018-08-26T04:39:13+01:00