You are amazing!

You are amazing!

(Yes, you.)
It’s very British not to shout about your accomplishments. We get it. But you are amazing and everyone should know it.

How do you show that you’re great while maintaining your British modesty? One easy way is to post customer success stories on your website. Here are some tips to consider:

  • Keep the language simple
  • Explain any technical terms
  • Don’t use more than 500 words (the fewer the better!)
  • Include pictures

A photo really does speak a thousand words. You want those words to be “I AM AMAZING,” shouty capitals and all. They also help make your site or blog easier to read, since most people aren’t keen on long reads.

If you aren’t ready to write full-on success stories, short client testimonials are an easier way to accomplish the same thing. As humans, we trust testimonials and reviews more than other marketing material because they’re written by us for us.

A testimonial can be just a short quote that’s a few lines of text. Ask your happy customers for them, and don’t be afraid to edit them for clarity or grammar, if needed.

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